All problems are not created equal.

That’s why Venn Center offers a wide-array of treatments and services. We are excited to bring new proven methods to you, and creating a treatment strategy to meet your needs is not a problem. It is our goal to find the services that will work best for you.

Available Services

Psychotherapy: Individual, Duo, Couples, Family

Psychotherapy is a treatment used by a wide-range of mental health professionals to reduce mental health problems, restore functioning, and increase well-being. Psychotherapy is “talk therapy.” The foundation of psychotherapy is the relationship between you and your therapist. This relationship serves to provide a safe environment for sharing and for working through problems. Psychotherapy may be one-on-one, between two people (Duo therapy), with couples, or families, or in a group.

Group Therapy: Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Group therapy is a treatment approach designed to help multiple individuals (usually 5 to 8 members) work through issues that they usually share in common. Groups meet weekly for 50 to 90 minutes (depending on age) with 1 or 2 group leaders.

Medication Management

Some mental health problems are reduced when medication is used as a component of mental health treatment. For some, medication is the key element to controlling unwanted symptoms. For others, medication is one of the elements of a helpful and effective treatment plan. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are trained in medicine, particularly in the way that the brain functions and in the way that medication affects your brain and behavior. If medication is part of your recommended treatment regime, it is important to develop a relationship with a psychiatrist who can not only prescribe medication, but very importantly, can help manage your medication usage. Your psychiatrist may also provide psychotherapy or your psychiatrist may manage the medication component of your treatment while you work with a therapist.

Cogmed Working Memory Training for ADHD

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computerized training program that has been shown to increase focus and attention by improving working memory. Cogmed Working Memory Training is used for people who not only have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), but also for adults and children who lack focus and are inattentive in different areas of their life. Eighty percent (80%) of participants significantly improve their ability to concentrate after training.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) for Trauma

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, is a strongly recommended treatment for trauma. Whether large or small, traumatic experiences can result in unwanted connections in the brain. In turn, these unwelcome connections can be easily triggered causing someone to re-experience past negative events or experiences. EMDR targets those uninvited connections, working to reduce negative associations and create new, positive connections. As a result, past trauma has less opportunity to disturb one’s current and future life.