What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computer training program that has been shown to significantly improve working memory in children and adults. Working memory is the ability to keep information in mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next (e.g. complete an assignment or follow directions). Deficits in working memory can affect an individual’s ability to focus attention, control impulses and solve problems. The aim of Cogmed Working Memory Training is to increase one’s ability to stay focused, ignore distractions, remember instructions, and finish tasks. Those skills are crucial for both school and professional performance as well as for everyday living skills (e.g. cleaning one’s room). Research in multiple controlled studies, show that Cogmed is effective for 80% of patients with difficulties maintaining attention, trouble with organizational skills and other problems with executive functioning. In fact, many children and adults who complete the 5 week home-based program show improved concentration, better impulse control and improved communication skills.

Who uses Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is used for people who have attention deficits that may be caused by ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, with or without hyperactivity) or other causes. If a child or adult lacks focus, are inattentive, distractible and/or have trouble organizing and following through with tasks, Cogmed may helpful. There are training programs for younger children (COGMED JM), adolescents (COGMED RM), and adults (COGMED QM). See the video below (Cogmed: Becky S. Case Study) to see a testimonial of how satisfied many parents and children are after using Cogmed. You can also visit the Cogmed website, to see other testimonials or other information about Cogmed’s success in research and around the world.

Why Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Although medication can be extremely helpful to ameliorate the inattention and distractable symptoms seen with ADHD, Cogmed actually re-trains the brain using the concept of neuroplasticity – the brains known ability to make new connections if trained appropriately. The Cogmed research company, based in Sweden, has shown that their challenging 5-week program, is the only proven software-based intervention for ADHD and other forms of inattention. The Cogmed treatment approach is to strengthen and increase the brain’s capacity by forming and enhancing new connections in the brain. 80% of participants significantly improve their ability to concentrate after training.

Cogmed Working Memory Training Overview

Lotta Thiringer, Marketing Director for Cogmed, walks you through Cogmed’s scientifically proven working memory training program for children.

Cogmed Case Study

A success story about eight year old Becky Shulman and her ability to overcome the challenges of ADHD. Her mother Debby, talks about the role Cogmed played and how it has changed their lives.