Individuals, Couples, Duo or Family Counseling

Venn Center therapy is for everyone. Beyond “fixing a problem” psychotherapy is about promoting growth helping a person get from where they want to go.
  • Gain insight and awareness of self
  • Understand normal healthy development and how to optimize your life experience
  • Work with another in Duo Therapy to help improve relationships and gain needed support
  • Work towards having the peace of mind you want for you and your family

Psychiatric Services for Individuals

Venn Center psychiatry is about evaluating and managing medication’s potential to reduce symptoms either alone or in combination with other services.
  • Understand and discuss risks & benefits along with alternatives to medication
  • Learn how medication works and how it can make a difference
  • Dr. Wruble board certified in Child & Adult Psychiatry
  • See how medication can work with and even improve your individual or group therapy

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (with and without hyperactivity)

Cutting edge, research-based interventions that can be used alone or in combination with medication. These programs and interventions are designed to strengthen the brain’s ability to store and recall information.

Group Therapy

Groups bring people together to discuss common life issues and problems. The power of a group offers an opportunity to learn by sharing and listening. In addition, learning to better communicate in the moment, helps to facilitate the change needed to improve self-awareness as it relates to relationships of all types.
  • Groups for all ages
  • Deal with common life issues (work, relationships, self-confidence, ADHD, independence)
  • Overcome hurdles
  • Find support while gaining insight

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