Who Venn Helps

Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

Venn Staff recommend services that match your specific needs and goals. Individual treatments are best for some; working as a couple, or as a family may be the best course for others. Either along with or as alternative to individual therapy, group therapy is offered as a unique way of working on treatment goals with others. Each format is recommended for different issues at different points in treatment.

We Work with All Ages

We recognize that life stage matters. Children have very different needs compared to adolescents. Likewise adolescents, young adults, and mid-life adults tend to have different ways of experiencing life. Taking a life span approach, we consider your age and life stage to help you meet your goals.

All Stages of Life

Families also go through life stages in an expected sequence. Distinct stages in the family life cycle place different demands on individuals and the family as a whole. Both the families we come from and the families we create are important to our development and adjustment in many different ways. At Venn, we take family life, dynamics, roles, and responsibilities into account when we work with you.